Engaging Meg has been the single best decision I made on my journey into motherhood. Throughout my pregnancy, Meg was always there for me. Early on, I lost a small amount of blood and was worried I might miscarry. Meg visited immediately, and reassured me that she would support me through whatever happened. I felt I could trust her and this helped me to stay calm. During the morning sickness there was one Sunday when I was throwing up even water. My partner called Meg and she came straight over to assess whether I needed to go to hospital and give him some guidance on how to care for me. This saved me a hospital trip because I wouldn’t have had the confidence to stay at home in that condition without her guidance and care.

A few weeks before I went into labour, I began to worry about being a good enough mother for my son. Meg was a great source of strength and support and I felt I could share these worries with her. Meg was with me for most of my 42 hour labour. She supported me when, after 14 hours, I decided I wanted to go to hospital. When in the hospital, she gave me the courage to ask for what I needed, and also advocated for me when I couldn’t do this for myself. As the labour progressed, Meg’s voice and presence were the only parts of the outside world I was aware of, and it meant so much to me to have her there, because I trusted her and felt she would keep me and my baby safe. When my son was born, she got him latched on for a first breastfeed straightaway.

My son became seriously ill on his first day. I am so grateful to Meg because she rescued me from a state of utter panic and gave me the strength to be there for my son as his condition deteriorated and he was transferred to a children’s hospital. There are not many people who know how to support the parents of a sick baby and I feel blessed that Meg was there for me. Happily, our son recovered, but when I was eventually able to take him home, I was faced with the challenge of trying to breastfeed a baby who had been fed intravenously for a couple of weeks. Meg spent a whole weekend with us helping my son to latch on again and continued to support us in breastfeeding for a long time afterwards, including through mastitis twice. As a result he was soon fully breastfed and at nearly a year old now he is still exclusively breast fed for liquids (though he eats solids now of course too).

One of Meg’s truly golden hours was when I was admitted to hospital with an infection when my son was 6 months old and the hospital wanted to send my son home without me. Meg turned up at the hospital at 1 o’clock in the morning to advocate for me, and thanks to her help, we were admitted together and I could continue to breastfeed him throughout my hospital stay. Meg has helped me choose what kind of mother I want to be and has supported my choices throughout with encouragement and information. I have really enjoyed pregnancy and motherhood so far and this is largely due to Meg’s support and kindness.