“The first time I saw Meg I knew she was the one! I knew me and my baby would be safe with her. I trusted her completely right from the start and was proved 100% right. Throughout my pregnancy, she was my “tree”. She finds the right words that soothe the heart, she is sincere and truthful and strong but also understanding and compassionate. It is so great to be advised by a medical professional who doesn’t try to pretend she has no feelings. Meg has feelings and says so but her feelings never invade yours, they just make you feel more like a worthy human being.”

“I wanted a homebirth and when my waters broke at only 36 weeks and I didn’t go into labour within 12 hours, I was under intense pressure from hospital staff to come in and be induced. But I was scared and didn’t want to and Meg supported me against “normal protocol” to stay at home. But I trusted her so much that if she had said we had to go to hospital, I would have gone because I knew she was on my side and wouldn’t be saying that just because “it was procedure”. Still, in the middle of the night, I was terrified that I was being reckless. I was shaking and shaking, teeth clattering. I called her and she came to see me. We just talked and she reassured me, the shaking stopped. It was just my body trying to evacuate the stress I had been under at the hospital. I am not exaggerating when I say that by doing this she allowed me to accept my baby’s early arrival and I went into labour the next morning. Six hours later, my lovely daughter was born at home and Meg’s presence helped tremendously to make this moment the best moment of my life. Knowing she was there, trusting she was looking after us allowed me to let go and release the fear. It was a wonderful experience both for me and for my husband. I am glad Meg was the first person my baby saw.”