“Meg Miskin-Garside was my community midwife and cared for me while I was pregnant with my first child Clemency. As an anxious first-time mother she put me completely at ease with her calm, friendly manner. Her total dedication for all in her care was frequently remarked upon among others she was looking after in our health centre waiting room!

My day of labour arrived in March 2003 and I arrived at the hospital in trepidation and not a little pain. While the hospital midwife was booking me in there was a knock on the door and Meg was there; I felt immediately relieved. She was on duty in the hospital that night and I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

My labour was difficult as Clemmie was in a tricky position but Meg was always there reassuring, explaining and making everything feel perfectly normal and fine; she also included my concerned and rather redundant husband brilliantly at every stage. I had an epidural in the end but with Meg’s expert guidance I was able to deliver Clemmie normally (just before Meg’s shift ended- I’m sure that incentivised me).

When I became pregnant with Romily when Clemmie was 9 months old I couldn’t imagine having anyone else to deliver my baby. Meg again looked after me throughout my pregnancy, visiting me at home, reassuring, calming and including Clemmie who was bemused by my ever-increasing tummy. My second pregnancy seemed incredibly short but not as short as my two hour labour. Romily arrived into the world fast and furious. Meg was there and all went well.

Meg is, as far as I am concerned, a ‘one-off’. Her dedication to her job is always evident and nothing is too much trouble for her. During both my pregnancies I felt relaxed, calm and in control and I’m certain that is due to the excellent care I received. In a process where you feel out of control Meg enables you to feel in control. At times when all dignity is lost Meg makes everything seem dignified. These I think are truly special qualities.

I have subsequently had a 3rd baby with Meg, Seth. His birth story will follow soon.”