Your Body. Your Birth. Your Choice

Being a midwife is an amazing job! I never cease to feel honoured and privileged to be a part of such a miraculous yet “everyday” process. Women constantly impress and inspire me with their ability to deal with so much in their lives. Never is their strength and courage so evident as in the course of their pregnancies and the birth of their babies.

My aim is always to help and support women to find this inner strength and use it to find their own ways to birth their babies in the way that they choose. My aim is to inform, guide and support, give advice when it is looked for but never to undermine women’s innate ability to understand their own bodies and make the choices that are appropriate to their lives.

My background

I have been a midwife since 1989. I trained in Bath but I have worked in Oxford, my hometown, ever since I qualified. Until 2005 most of that time was spent as a community midwife.

I was a registered nurse before I trained as a midwife. I subsequently gained a BA degree in Women’s Healthcare and have passed a recognised course to prepare me for dealing with obstetric emergencies (ALSO). I am registered with the NMC, our governing body. Midwifery is a very tightly regulated profession and I have a supervisor of midwives who ensures that my practice is up to date.

I am a member of the RCM and was recently elected to the board of IM UK. This is proving to be a huge learning experience as I trawl through the world of constitutions, campaigning and insurance. I am very fortunate to be in the company of many wonderful and dynamic women.

Why I chose to be an Independent Midwife

An Independent Midwife is essentially a private midwife.

My aim and my passion have always been to give women and their families continuity of care from booking, through the birth and into life as a family. In 2005, I left the NHS and moved into independent practice, where I found it easier to give women the level of care they deserve. This has been a wonderful and life changing journey.

About Me

I live in Oxford with my family. That includes not only my 2 daughters but also my mother and various animals. When I’m not working I love spending time with my daughters and that generally involves animals of some sort, often horses and I have had to conquer a lifelong fear where they’re concerned!

When I get the time I like to read -anything and everything- unfortunately I hate putting a book down in the middle so my reading has become confined to holidays. If I have any other spare time I tend to spend it socialising. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I do love to talk.